A Targeted Approach to Improving Diversity in Energy


A Targeted Approach to Improving Diversity in Energy

Monday 2 May 2022
Executive Dialogue

Increasing diversity in our workforce is a business imperative and needs to happen now. Clear, focused efforts with tangible metrics are a key step in this journey. Inspired by and developed for women in the energy industry, the Diversity Dashboard is a tool which measures outcomes aligned with best practices to make progress towards diversity in the workplace. During the session, our speakers will discuss the Diversity Dashboard which has been recognized by industry CEOs who are using it to help guide their companies’ approach to setting metrics and power practices that advance DE&I programs and make a difference for their organizations and the industry overall.

Melissa Fwu, Consultant - McKinsey
Stephanie Hertzog, CEO - Sodexo Energy
Kassia Yanosek, Consultant - McKinsey & Co. Inc.