Spotlight on New Technology® Award Program



The OTC Spotlight on New Technology Awards Program is designed to recognize technologies that have pushed the boundaries and provided value in unimaginable ways to the future of offshore activities. 

Each year, OTC celebrates those who aspire to disrupt business innovation with a brilliant idea. This awards program is exclusively for OTC exhibitors and showcases the latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future. 

Applications are due 13 December 2022



To be considered, the technology must meet five key criteria.

  • New. The technology must have been offered to the marketplace in a ready-for-commercialization state less than two years prior to the application date.
  • Innovative. The technology must be original, groundbreaking, and capable of having a major impact on the offshore E&P industry.
  • Ready. A proposed type of equipment must meet the requirements of API 17Q Technology Readiness Level of TRL4 in or to qualify for submission.
  • Broad Interest. The technology must interest and appeal to the industry.
  • Significant Impact. The technology must provide significant benefits exceeding existing technologies.


  • Acknowledgment in an OTC press release.
  • Advanced recognition on the OTC website and on OTC social media platforms.
  • Acknowledgment at an on-site awards ceremony with press invited.
  • Recognition in a special section of the digital OTC conference program.
  • Designation on the exhibit floor with a customized Spotlight on New Technology banner.
  • Use of the Spotlight on New Technology logo.
  • Recognition as a Spotlight on New Technology winner at any of the OTC events that are held within 11 months of the OTC of which they won.


Small Business Winner GraphicOTC Spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award recipients will receive the same benefits as listed above, with the added recognition as a "Small Business Award" recipient. The Spotlight on New Technology Small Business Award® recognizes the innovative technologies being developed by small businesses (less than 300 employees). To be considered, your company must:

  • Be independently owned and operated or a not-for-profit concern.
  • Have no more than 300 employees for the preceding 12 months.
  • Meet all other Spotlight on New Technology award program requirements. 

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Congratulations to the 2022 Spotlight on New Technology® Award Winners

Thank you to all who applied for the Spotlight on New Technology® Award. At OTC 2022, 14 companies, including seven small businesses, were recognized for their breakthrough hardware and software technologies. 


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2022 Spotlight on New Technology Winners

  • Bosch Rexroth, producer of SVA R2 – The world´s first electric Subsea Valve Actuator with safety by springs, as compact as hydraulic actuators
  • Expro, producer of Galea™ - Autonomous Well Intervention System
  • Oil States Industries, producer of Oil States Managed Pressure Drilling & Riser Gas Handling System
  • Oil States and TotalEnergies, producers of 15K High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) Riser System For Subsea Drilling Applications in Shallow Water
  • R3 Environmental Systems, producer of Vacuum Assisted Pure Oil Recovery Technology
  • Schlumberger, producer of ReSOLVE iX extreme-performance instrumented wireline intervention service
  • Schlumberger, producer of Autonomous Directional Drilling


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2022 Spotlight Small Business Winners 

  • ClampOn, producer of ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor
  • CoreAll, producer of CoDril™
  • HYTORC, producer of MXT+™ Hydraulic Torque Wrench
  • HYTORC, producer of HYTORC Connect Software App
  • Rocsole Ltd, producer of ROCSOLE Intelligent Level Detection & Data Analytics for Sand Management
  • Subsea Shuttle, LLC, producer of Subsea Shuttle, LLC
  • Aquatec Group, producer of KINEKtron®


Bosch Rexroth

Producer of SVA R2 – The world´s first electric Subsea Valve Actuator with safety by springs, as compact as hydraulic actuators

Would you like to accelerate the energy transition with electrification and digitalization? Imagine removing all the hydraulics of your subsea equipment, reducing its footprint without adding power cables or complex batteries. Qualified for 4,000 m depth, the SVA R2 electrifies subsea valve actuation — improving safety and productivity.

Booth # 2306

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Producer of Galea™ - Autonomous Well Intervention System

Galea™ - the world’s first fully autonomous well intervention system - replaces larger, conventional, and labor-intensive wireline rig-ups to perform a range of routine slickline operations. Galea decreases deferred production, lowers OPEX costs, reduces HSE exposure for operational personnel, and significantly lessens the carbon footprint of intervention operations.

Booth # 2626

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Oil States

Oil States Industries

Producer of Oil States Managed Pressure Drilling & Riser Gas Handling System

The Oil States MPD and RGH Joint is a step forward in integrating Managed Pressure Drilling and Riser Gas Handling into a drilling riser. The system's innovative design solutions, such as retrievable packers and pull-in bridle, provide reduced NPT, fast rig-up time, and improved riser gas handling.

Booth # 1940

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Oil States and Total

Oil States and TotalEnergies

Producers of 15K High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) Riser System For Subsea Drilling Applications in Shallow Water

Oil States and TotalEnergies have developed the Merlin™ 15K HPHT Riser System, which enables cost-effective drilling of shallow water HPHT wells with a jack-up rig while offering superior fatigue performance and improved safety with automated connection make-up.  The system is believed to be the first-of-its-kind design-rated for sour service applications. 

Booth # 1940

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R3 Image

R3 Environmental Systems

Producer of Vacuum Assisted Pure Oil Recovery Technology

R3’s innovative technology is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly method for recovering drilling fluid and water from waste mud/cuttings. The recovered fluid (SecondSource Drilling Fluid) has been independently verified to be equivalent to virgin drilling fluid—the result being one of the most environmentally friendly drilling fluids on the market.

Booth # 1281

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Producer of ReSOLVE iX extreme-performance instrumented wireline intervention service

ReSOLVE iX extreme-performance instrumented wireline intervention service leverages intelligent downhole technologies to optimize results in extreme conditions, such as HPHT, sour, and restricted-access environments. The combination of innovative hardware, automation, and digitization enables operators to monitor and control intervention in real-time and take immediate action to address downhole challenges.

Booth # 1916

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Autonomous Directional Drilling Image


Producer of Autonomous Directional Drilling

Autonomous directional drilling isn't one tool or technology. It amalgamates the fullness of well construction operations to drill from spud to TD, using an autonomous system that constantly analyzes its position, formation characteristics, conditions, and trajectory to optimize steering, well placement, and overall drilling performance—reducing cost/foot drilled and improving productivity.

Booth # 1916

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Producer of ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor

The ClampOn Subsea Flow Temperature Monitor is a non-intrusive sensor that determines the temperature of the flow medium from outside the pipe.
The sensor measures the pipe surface temperature underneath insulation and calculates the temperature of the flow medium using algorithms that compensate for ambient temperature and insulation coefficients.

Booth # 3631

Small Business Award Winner

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Coreall photo


Producer of CoDril™

The CoreAll Intelligent Coring System and Logging While Coring tool provides real-time transmission of gamma-ray, resistivity, downhole vibration and core jam indication. The CoDril™ tool is a supplemental downhole convertible core bit, allowing the operator to select between coring and drilling modes and saves a complete roundtrip to change the BHA every time.

Booth # 3553-1

Small Business Award Winner

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hytorc mx


Producer of MXT+™ Hydraulic Torque Wrench

The MXT+™ Hydraulic Torque Wrench delivers significant advances in industrial bolting by integrating dual-reaction technology, auto-release, integrated cycle counter and coaxial drive into one flexible tool. The MXT+ Tool is offered in a range of sizes for tackling the toughest bolting jobs resulting in faster, safer and more reliable bolting.  

Booth # 1743

Small Business Award Winner

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ConnectApp image


Producer of HYTORC Connect Software App

The HYTORC Connect Software App is used with HYTORC’s Electric Torque Tools to automate bolting operations consistent with the Industry 4.0 digital transformation.  The App communicates wirelessly with the tool, initializes bolting parameters, guides the operator, monitors results, collects data, and generates complete quality documentation to assure bolted joint integrity.

Booth # 1743

Small Business Award Winner

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Rocsole image

Rocsole Ltd

Producer of ROCSOLE Intelligent Level Detection & Data Analytics for Sand Management

In oil and gas facilities, sand production is an unwanted element. Robust and reliable sensors are critical for automated sand management systems to secure the proper functionality and avoid unexpected shutdowns or reduced production rates. With ROCSOLE’s electrical tomography, any deposits can be registered and monitored in real-time.

Booth # 2672

Small Business Award Winner

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Subsea Shuttle image

Subsea Shuttle, LLC

Producer of Subsea Shuttle, LLC

Subsea Shuttle’s innovative technology provides subsea chemical storage and injection that satisfy the need for longer and more cost-effective deepwater subsea tiebacks. The system features a cost-effective modular design and delivers application flexibility regarding injection rates, autonomy, reliability, and compatibility with a wide range of production chemicals.  

Booth # 356

Small Business Award Winner

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Aquatec Group

Producer of KINEKtron®

KINEKtron® is the world's first fully functional, tested, and deployed retrofit subsea strain monitoring system capable of measuring strain on structural tubular members and other subsea structures. It combines many of Aquatec's innovative underwater instrumentation and communications technologies with a unique method for measuring strain in a robust ROV-installable package. 

Booth # 3382

Small Business Award Winner

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